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Suburban Seed Sowers Podcast

Jul 20, 2020

Michael Roberts is a Private Investigator. He's helped the FBI solve major internet crime. He's also had the most horrible experience of being framed for a crime he never committed.

Throughout his struggles he has vowed to share his story and faith with every single person he meets. No matter the country, religion or...

Jun 19, 2020

Wez Hone is a Business Coach and has been described as one of Australia's leading "Faith in Business" thinkers.

Imagine your life where your work was your ministry. Where working 9 to 5 was for Gods Glory. But how?

Wez takes us through what it means to commit your business to God and the amazing impact it can have on...

Jun 2, 2020

Adam Holloway was a Police Officer for 16 years, serving his community on the front line. He's now an investigative Author, uncovering real life tragic tales from men and women  serving in World War 1.  He's seen society at its worst , yet still see's the good in this world.

Adam takes us through his coping strategies...

May 21, 2020

Dan Terry is a Pastor who loves his local community. He tends to find himself near people who need his help the most.

Dan believes the best way to reach people and have a true connection with them is through service.

What acts of service can you do today that may help in having a connection with someone in your...

May 16, 2020

Trevor Wilson completed the toughest endurance race on the planet, the Dakar Rally. He rode his motorbike 8000 KM across the desert, was almost put in jail, nearly made bankrupt yet all along kept his focus on doing Gods will for his life.

Imagining running towards whatever scares you the most. Its how Trevor lives his...